Borrsjöån and Lungsjöån

Borrsjöån flows north of Lumsheden village that lies 40 km north-east of Falun. This 8 km long private and magical brown trout and rainbow trout stretch wanders its way through the great forest.

World-class fly fishing can be experienced in this boggy area that is abundant with insect life and game. There are few places in the Nordic area where fishing for rainbows in a wilderness stream can be experienced. Just imagine being able at last to experience the rainbows strength in running and attractive catch-and-release water.

Rainbows become much wilder and stronger in this running water and the fish are in peak condition. A beautiful fly fishing area needs to be experienced from the meandering large bog to kilometre-long and crooked pool systems with stony beds where the fish thrive. Come and experience the sensation of true brown trout and rainbow trout fishing.

Lungsjöån offers an 12 km varying stretch that has both gentle, smooth water with sand and waterweed and heads of pools above a stony bed. This beautiful catch-and-release stream wanders its way though terrain without paths 40 km north of Falun ancient forest. Lungsjöån is a small gentle stream that runs through fantastic surroundings where you can find your dream stretches that partly run through the Granåsen nature reserve. You will find a excellent brown trout fishing that hold their lies and rise to flies in this shallow stream. The mayfly start to hatch in the beginning of June.

Autumn fishing
Both rivers offer fantastic summer fishing but don’t forget the autumn fishing that is unbelievably exciting. Right up until the time when the ice starts to form, the trouts gorge themselves on the surface insects. Have a try at autumn fishing of these two rivers since this offers unbeatable dry fly fishing for rising fish.

Fly fishing guiding
Jonas Hagborg, riverkeeper and instructor/guide. This course is for you if you know the basics of fly fishing and want to progress and become a better fly fisher.

You will learn about fishing and casting techniques in these fantastic fly fishing streams. You will learn how to do a roll cast, underhand cast, double haul and other small details that pay in the long term. The problems become fewer, you will be guaranteed more fish and your experiences will be enhanced.

Guided one-day trips with lunch, fishing permit, tackle and instructor/guide: SEK 1900:- per person. Restricted to 3 persons per guide per day.

To book a comprehensive improver’s course or a wonderful guiding contact:
Jonas Hagborg on +46 (0)70-87071 65

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